Little Wonders Find Homes

-Advocating for waiting children
in need of a forever family


The following children are in danger of aging out! In China, when a child reaches their 14th birthday, they are no longer able to be legally adopted. Adopting an older child can and has gone extremely well, but it also can and does bring its own unique challenges. Please read, research, and talk to other families who have been there before making the decision to add an older child to your family. If you cannot or do not think adding an older child to your family is what is best for your family, then pray for these beautiful children that they would find a forever family that is the family God intended for them to be in before it is too late for them. Every child deserves to know the love of a family.

The following family blogs may be of inspiration to you if you are considering adding an aging out child to your family:

I highly recommend everyone considering adopting an aging out or older child check out Donna's blog for many resources, stories, etc. She is more than happy to help you out in the process as well: